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The adventure begins when six little girls discover an amazing secret: Grandma’s soft, squishy arms are wings! This beautifully illustrated story keeps youngsters guessing, giggling, and wondering, “Can Grandma fly?” “Does Grandpa know?” “Will I grow wings someday?” New and not-so-new grandmas will cherish this book, and so will all of the children who love them.

About the Author

Mary Murray Bosrock grew up in Sandusky, Ohio and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mary got her wings when her two sons, Matt and Steve, gave her six granddaughters within eight years. After growing up with six brothers and one sister, Mary was used to boys. She was amazed by these little girls who noticed things like arm fat, brown spots, veins, and dropping chins. She learned to love what she couldn’t change by turning it into a story. The grandgirls loved the story so much, Mary decided to share with other grandmas.

About the Illustrator

Darcy Bell-Myers got her wings from a long line of illustrators and artists. Her mom did the technical illustrations for NASA’s first lunar lander. Her Great-Grandma Ethel was an oil painter, and her Great-Aunt Jean is a nationally renowned watercolorist. Darcy gets inspiration from her three children, Vanessa, Rowan, and Amelia, and lives with them and her husband, Bruce, in a historic home in Stillwater, Minnesota. When she’s not painting, you can find her playing the harp or dancing for fun. Learn about her many other books and awards at


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