What People are Saying

“In Asia, perhaps more than any other region in the world, being competitive means understanding the local cultures. Mary Bosrock provides a helpful guide to understanding Asia.”
Walter F. Mondale Former Vice President of the United States and Ambassador to Japan

“Whenever you go to a new and different place, for pleasure or business, it helps to know the place and the people. Mary Bosrock’s books will help you do just that–and you’ll be entertained as you learn.”
Senator George Mitchell, Former Majority Leader, United States Senate

“Dairy Queen © has enjoyed significant growth in Asia due to wonderful relationships developed with our local partners and consumers. Mary Bosrock’s incredible insight to fully developing these relationships and cultural understandings is priceless.”
Charles W. Mooty, President & CEO, Dairy Queen International

“Operating as we do in more than 140 countries, at Carlson we know that success depends heavily on cultural sensitivity. It’s important not to let a hopeful belief that all people are the same inside fool us into ignoring the many important, subtle and not-so-subtle differences that do exist and must be understood and considered in any new relationship. For more than a decade Mary’s books have helped us understand these differences. They are the key to getting to “si,” “oui,” or “da.”
Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Carlson Companies, Inc.

“Globalization has brought American companies new opportunities and new challenges. In my role as CEO and/or President of Marriott “Lodging, Northwest Airlines and Burger King, I was keenly aware that knowing and respecting the uniqueness of customers, clients and employees is crucial to success. Mary Bosrock’s books are essential tools for anyone entering the international market.”
John Dasburg Chairman and CEO Astar Air Cargo, Former CEO of Northwest Airlines and of Burger King

“Today more than ever, executives for American companies doing business outside the U.S. need to be culturally savvy world citizens - not only to be more successful but also to become better citizen diplomats at a time when resentment against our country is on the rise. European Business, Customs and Manners is a valuable tool I recommend to anyone planning to do business in Europe. It’s crammed with sound, practical advice.”
Keith Reinhard, Chairman, DDB Worldwide, President, Business for Diplomatic Action

“In today’s global marketplace it is essential for business travelers to have well-developed international communication skills. Mary Bosrock provides valuable guidance to savvy travelers who want to get it right the first time.”
Harvey Golub, Former Chairman and CEO American Express

A business whose success relies on building and maintaining strong international relationships must possess a thorough cultural understanding. That is the cornerstone to communicating effectively in the vast global arena. Mary Bosrock’s all-encompassing guide provides an invaluable tool for international communicators.”
Marvin J. Girouard, President and Chief Operating Officer, Pier 1 Imports

“America is about opportunity: anyone, regardless of his or her circumstances, can become successful. It doesn’t have to be rocket science–it can be pizza. In Put Your Best Foot Forward–USA, Mary Bosrock captures a uniquely American idea–that success is an attitude, not a product.”
Tom Monaghan, Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

“The Protocol School of Washington and our graduates rely heavily on Mary’s expertise and research. Asian Business Customs and Manners, like all Mary Bosrock’s books, is an excellent resource for people who are preparing to do business in Asia and for those who want to deepen their existing Asian relationships.”
Pamela S. Eyring, Director of the Protocol School of Washington

“European Business Customs and Manners is very well done. I thought to myself----why didn’t I have a book like this when I was doing so much traveling in Europe?”
Winston R. Wallin, Chairman Emeritus Medtonic Inc.; Former CEO and Chairman Medtonic, Inc., Chairman Pillsbury Co.

“I highly recommend Mary Bosrock’s book. We awarded Mary the Spirit of Diplomacy Award for her longstanding work in promoting respect and understanding across borders.”
Ginger Bernard, former President, Protocol & Diplomacy International