#1 - Best Business Book 2008

"Asian Business" won an award for the Best Business Book 2008!

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Mary Murray Bosrock
President & CEO of IES

What We Do

International Education Systems (IES) is the publisher of the award-winning "Put Your Best Foot Forward" series of books on intercultural communication and behavior aimed primarily at business people, but also ideal for leisure travelers, students, teachers, people in the travel and hospitality industry, and hosts who entertain international guests.

The Bottom Line

The information presented in these books isn’t just “nice to know.” It’s vital to your success and that of your company if you want to do business abroad. The information in these books can be translated directly into increased revenues and earnings for your company. What you learn will literally go to the bottom line!

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"As the business opportunities in Asia grow, so does the competition. In Asia, perhaps more than any other region in the world, being competitive means understanding the local cultures. Mary Bosrock provides a helpful guide to understanding Asia."
Walter F. Mondale
Former Vice President of the United States and Ambassador to Japan

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