About the Author

Mary Murray Bosrock

Mary BosrockMary Bosrock is the founder and CEO of International Education Systems. She is also the author and publisher of the Put Your Best Food Forward books, an award-winning series on cross-cultural communication and behavior. Her newest books, Asian Business Customs and Manners and European Business Customs and Manners are now available.

A featured speaker and consultant to multinational corporations and organizations, Mary is known for her informative and entertaining style of discussing customs and practices around the world.

Mary’s inaugural book, Put Your Best Food Forward–Europe, sold out in eleven weeks. Her second book, Put Your Best Food Forward–Asia, sold more than 4,000 copies in the first month. The series has been published in Polish, Chinese, Russian and Thai.

Mary speaks at conferences and conventions and presents a training program on globalization. Her audiences have included such prominent organizations as Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, Northwest Airlines, American Express and the Association for Corporate Travel Executives.

Mary is a popular radio and televison guest, appearing on CNN, CNBC, Fox News and A&E Network, among many others. USA Today said that the Put Your Best Food Forward books were something that “travelers will want to take along.” The books have been endorsed by business and civic leaders such as former Vice President and Ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale, former Senate Majority leader George Mitchell, Chairman and CEO of Carlson Companies, Inc. Marilyn Carlson Nelson, and former Chairman and CEO of American Express Harvey Golub.

Mary’s expertise comes from extensive international experience. She is a former editor of Foreign Trade magazine. As glasnost was unfolding, Mary’s travels took her to the Soviet Union. She was present when the Berlin Wall came down and in Hong Kong when the Hand-over took place. During the evolutionary period of the 80’s, Mary worked in China. She spent the summer of 2002 traveling and working in the Middle East.

Mary received the 2004 “Spirit of Diplomacy” award from the Protocol and Diplomacy International Protocol Officers Association for her longstanding work in promoting respect and understanding across borders."

Mary is a Senior Associate at The Protocol School of Washington. She also serves on the board of Africa Calls Today, the American subsidiary of The Damietta Peace Initiative and on the advisory board of the Center for Citizen Diplomacy.