Grandma's House Bangladesh


Grandma’s House
Margaret Cummings Murray Memorial
December 19, 1908 – July 9, 1998
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Our family home in Sandusky, Ohio was not about bricks and mortar, but about the love that Grandma Murray shared with those who entered. Grandma surrounded you with love without condition and she embraced you with all her being.

This is her family’s small token to thank God for the gift of Grandma Murray. Grandma’s House was built in 2002 in Bangladesh by Brother Nicholas Thielman, a Brother of the Holy Cross Order at Notre Dame, Indiana. Brother Nicholas has lived and worked in Bangladesh for over 40 years. Our mission is not about creating Christians, but rather doing Christ’s work. It will provide a home/hospice for 30 to 50 children who live in one of the poorest countries in our world and are not lucky enough to have a Grandma Murray.

If you would like to learn more about Grandma’s House, or make a donation or memorial, please contact Mary Murray Bosrock at
651-227-2052, or